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LivePicture is a piece of living artwork that bridges the gap between plants and art.

  • Simple: hangs on the wall as easily as a painting.
  • Easy: six week water supply & no electricity needed.
  • Beautiful: adds a green accent to any wall.

LivePicture® has a patented self-watering system hidden behind the frame. The plants are supplied water via a capillary wicking system. You only need to add water once every six weeks. LivePicture® is lightweight, so it can be installed using 2-3 simple wall anchors. The unit is very slim and it looks great from all angles.

LivePicture® is available in a range of sizes to suit most spaces. The powder coated steel frame is available in standard silver, white and charcoal colors. Additional custom frame options are available for corporate branding, holiday themes or custome colors and patterns.

Living Wall Art Planter Specs:

Multiple LivePicture sizes

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