The Plant Cassette

The plant cassette is the heart of LivePicture. Inside each cassette is a cloth wick that brings water to the plants via capillary action. The bottom of the wick dips into the water reservoir below and sucks water up to the plant roots.

Cassette Benefits:

  • Plants receive a constant and even water supply
  • Plant roots can spread freely throughout the cassette
  • Plant cups allow growth at a natural, upright angle
  • Lightweight: made of recyclable Expanded-Polyproplyene
  • Cloth wick is synthetic and won’t deteriorate over time


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Step1 – Hanging the Frame on the Wall

Detach mounting template from box. Level the template on desired location and mark the holes. Drill pilot holes. Insert hardware through the frame and into the holes (this step may vary depending on type of wall and mounting hardware). Tighten bolts to secure frame to the wall.

Step2 – Planting the Cassette

Fully submerge the cassette in water for one minute to remove all air bubbles. Remove the 4” plants from their grow pots. Place one plant into each pocket of the cassette.

Step3 – Placing the Cassette into the Frame

Insert the cassette at an angle to make sure it dips into the bottom water reservoir. Push the cassette straight into the frame.

Step4 – The Watering System

Because of this self-watering system, you only need to add water to LivePicture once every 4-6 weeks. These pictures show the watering system that is hidden behind the frame. Water is added to the system through the hole on top of the frame. Water flows into the top tank, down to the side tank, through a valve and finally into the bottom reservoir. There is a water level sensor at the top of the system that beeps when all the tanks are full with water.

The bottom reservoir is where the wick dips into and sucks water up into the cassette and brings it to the plants’ roots. As the wick sucks up water, the water level in the bottom reservoir drops. There is a valve between the side tank and the bottom reservoir that is conrolled by a float ball. When the water level drops, the float ball drops and opens the valve to release more water from the side tank. The system self-regulates the water level.