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#PlantTipTuesday Roundup: August-September 2019

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Every week, we feature a #PlantTipTuesday post on our Facebook page. Here are some helpful hints you may have missed this past month:

Bathtub Greenhouse

  • Make sure your plants are taken care of while you're away! If you don't have a caregiver for your plants, try this bathtub greenhouse trick:
    Line your bathtub with a plastic sheet, then lay newspapers on top of the plastic so the entire bottom of the tub is covered. Place your plants on top of the newspaper and turn the shower on just long enough to wet the newspaper beneath the plants. Close the curtain to retain moisture, leave the bathroom lights on, and voila! This will work with most houseplants, especially low-moderate light varieties that enjoy some humidity.

Sunburned Plants

  • Did you know even indoor plants can get sunburn? During the heat of summer, remember to protect your plants from too much sun. South or West-facing windows get the strongest dose of sunlight, so make sure to move your more sensitive plants a little further from the window to keep their leaves from burning.


  • One of the most common plant ailments is overwatering. Not all plants have the same water requirements - your succulent needs way less water than your thin-leafed fern! A good rule to live by is the thicker the leaves, the less water that plant needs.

Air-Purifying Areca Palm

  • Looking for an air-purifying plant for your home or office? Try the Areca Palm - This plant is one of the most efficient air purifiers, removing xylene, toluene, and other toxins from its environment. It also releases moisture into the air, acting as a natural humidifier!

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