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#PlantTipTuesday Roundup: July - August 2019


Every week, we feature a #PlantTipTuesday post on our Facebook page. Here are some helpful hints you may have missed this past month:

Leggy Succulents

• Succulents LOVE light! If you notice your succulent growing "leggy", or tall & stretched out, it usually means your plant friend is not getting enough light. To remedy this, move the succulent to an area where it will receive plenty of sunlight, and prune the parts of the plant that grew abnormally. With the right conditions, the new growth should be normal again.

The Resilient Spider Plant

• Looking for an easy-to-care-for (read: hard-to-kill) plant for your apartment or office? Give the Spider Plant a try! It is very resilient and can help clean the air by filtering out harmful chemicals.

Spider Plants require low-moderate indirect light, well-draining soil, and only need watering once the soil feels dry an inch or more below the surface. It doesn't get much easier than that!

Not Watering Enough

• Are the tips of your leaves turning brown? If so, you may be under-watering your plant friend! Since leaves are the last part of a plant to receive water from the roots, they turn brown on the tips & edges if they're not getting enough. Make sure to thoroughly saturate the soil and let it dry to at least 1-inch below the top layer between waterings.

Dusty Leaves

• Did you know dust & dirt on the leaves of your plants can negatively affect photosynthesis by blocking adequate light? Keep your houseplants healthy & happy by regularly cleaning their leaves! For smooth leaves, dust using a microfiber cloth and then use a damp soft cloth to gently clean the leaves. For fuzzy leaves, simply use a can of compressed air to carefully dust away any impurities.

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