Suite Plants - Living Wall Systems

Burkert - Charlotte, NC

These plant columns are made with Suite Plants LivePanel® system, a simple, efficient way to use live plant panels.


Location:   Charlotte, North Carolina

Installation Date:   February 2017

Size:   550 sqft

Architect:   WHN Architects

Plants Used:   Golden Pothos, Rabbit Foot Fern, Gold Star, Pink Nephytis, Philodenderon Brazil, Spyder Plant

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About this Project
For their new US Headquarters, Burkert Fluid Control Systems wanted to grab visitors' attention as soon as they entered the building. Burkert chose to advertise the building's sustainable credentials by installing a two-story, three-sided plant column. The imposing LivePanel green wall is the first thing that visitors see when they enter the building. The architect and contractor chose the LivePanel living wall system because it could fit tightly together at the corners and seamlessly connect this multi-panel plant column.