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LivePanel® Green Wall System

Our custom green wall system, LivePanel, is unlike any other on the market. This patented modular green wall system was sustainably designed by a team of Dutch horticulture experts and engineered to be simple. The LivePanel® green wall system is easy to quick to install and effortless to maintain.

LivePanel Product Features

  • Easy Installation: No waterproofing or structural supports required to install hardware
  • Simple Maintenance: Uses Suite Plants’ revolutionary interchangeable plant cassettes that simultaneously offers common sense maintenance while fostering healthy plant growth
  • Smart and Safe Watering: The green wall system uses passive irrigation and a capillary wicking mechanism that eliminates the need for recirculation pumps. Enclosed watering further protects the underlying wall and your space from both mold and water damage
  • Lightweight and Slim: Hardware protrudes only 3.75" off of the wall and weighs only 8.2lbs/ft² fully loaded with plants and water
  • Pre-Growth: Plants can be pre-grown off site in one of Suite Plants’ network of greenhouses for full system hardware coverage on day 1
  • Warranty: System hardware warranty of 5 years