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Green Wall System

LivePanel® Greenwall System

LivePanel is unlike any other greenwall system on the market. Our patented modular system was sustainably designed by a team of Dutch horticulture experts and thoughtfully engineered to be simple. LivePanel is easy to specify, quick to install and effortless to maintain.

  • Same system for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Can be specified into new buildings or easily added to an existing building
  • Small walls can be manually watered (cost savings) and large walls are automatically irrigated

Key technical details:

  • Lightweight design, only 8.2lbs/ft² fully loaded, doesn't require any wall reinforcement
  • No need for any waterproofing whatsoever
  • Our 100% water efficient wicking system doesn't produce any wastewater or runoff and uses up to 80% less water in comparison to other systems