Suite Plants - Living Wall Systems

LivePanel System for Any Indoor or Outdoor Space

LivePanel® Green Wall System

Our custom green wall system is unlike any other on the market. LivePanel green walls can be used in any indoors or outdoors space and our patented modular system makes it easy and quick to install and effortless to maintain.

LivePanel Green Wall Features

  • Easy Installation: There are no waterproofing or structural supports required and our green wall can be fit to any new or existing indoor or outdoor space

  • Simple Maintenance: Our revolutionary system requires no maintenance on the hardware and an effective way to keep plants healthy easily

  • Smart Watering: Our green wall systems use water efficient wicking, eliminating the need for pumps. Safe enclosed watering protects your space from mold and water damage. Small green walls can be watered manually reducing cost and water and large green walls can be connected to direct plumbing.

  • Lightweight and Slim: Hardware protrudes only 3.75" off of the wall and weighs only 8.2lbs/ft² fully loaded with plants and water

  • Ready for Display: Plants can be pre-grown off-site for a finished look on day one

We provide a 5 year warranty on our LivePanel Green Walls.


Suite Plants is extremely well-informed on all aspects of living green walls and has experience working with developers, architects, general contractors and plant maintenance companies to ensure your green wall is beautiful, long-lasting, and hassle free. 

We provide honest, objective advice to all parties involved in the green wall planning, design, construction, and maintenance process to evaluate the pros and cons of different green wall systems and will tell you if our system is right for you or not.

For complete information about the benefits and requirements of our green wall system visit our FAQS section.