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Suite Plants is a family-owned business based in Charlotte, North Carolina, that designs, manufactures, and installs some of the best living walls in the world. We leverage our Dutch heritage to import cutting-edge European green wall systems to North America. Our mission is to improve wellness by using biophilic design principles to bring people closer to nature.

Since 2013, Suite Plants has installed more than 500 green walls and over 3,000 LivePicture products across North America. We work with developers, architects, general contractors, plantscapers, and interior designers to add greenery to both new construction projects and existing spaces.

Please contact us to learn more about our products, or to ask our team of experts for guidance when planning your next project.


We are a proud member of Green Plants for Green Buildings and you can find us on Design Guide.



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Eric Westerduin
Eric was destined to be an entrepreneur; he started his first business at age nine and majored in Entrepreneurship & Finance at Cornell University. In an ill-fated attempt to get rich quick, Eric went to Wall Street after graduation and worked as an investment banker for Bear Stearns, JP Morgan, and Rabobank. After five years of working 90+ hour weeks, Eric left New York and the financial world behind in order to help start Suite Plants. Eric and his wife Amber now live in Charlotte, North Carolina with their two miniature dachshunds. Eric's main hobby is working on other entrepreneurial side projects, but otherwise he enjoys cycling, crossfit, craft beer, and watching Formula 1.

Eric is a registered Continuing Education Trainer with Green Plants for Green Buildings and is available to teach the AIA, ASLA, LEED, ASID & IDCEC accredited Advanced Living Walls with Case Studies course.

Henk Westerduin
Vice President
In his younger years, Henk was an F-16 fighter jet pilot in the Dutch Air Force and an instructor at the NATO Top Gun School (fair warning: nothing that comes after this is as cool as the first sentence). Henk brings years of operations experience and fluency in five languages to the Suite Plants team. After his military career, Henk was an international pilot for both TWA and American Airlines, having flown 747s, 757s, and 767s. After retiring from the airlines, Henk served as the Director of Operations for a private jet brokerage company. In his spare time, Henk enjoys going hiking & cycling with his wife Teresa and their St. Bernard.

Henk is a registered Continuing Education Trainer with Green Plants for Green Buildings and is available to teach the AIA, ASLA, LEED, ASID & IDCEC accredited Advanced Living Walls with Case Studies course.


Hans Westerduin
Vice President
Hans brings the thickest Dutch accent and years of experience as both a business manager and sports coach to the Suite Plants team. After a 20-year career as an officer in the Dutch military, Hans built a successful business career, having been a commercial director at Mobilane (green walls), Kingspan (building industry), and Wolters Kluwer (publishing). Simultaneous with his business career, Hans served as the head coach for many different soccer teams in the highest ranks of Dutch “amateur” competition, as well as the Dutch National Military team. If not for a knee injury, Hans might still be a professional soccer player in Holland.


Kesha Campbell
Director of Operations
Kesha is the glue that holds everything together behind the scenes. She holds a bachelors degree in accounting and has a diverse range of previous work experience. Some of her greatest hits include having worked as an EMT, dog groomer, barista, and live-in nanny. Kesha enjoys trying new things and developing new skills. She is excited to share her newfound knowledge of biophilia, plants, and green walls with our customers. Kesha is originally from the Washington DC area (go Nats!) but now calls Charlotte home.  When not working she enjoys reading, playing rugby, dancing like no one is watching, and anything to do with Shonaland.

Sheera Bio Pic.png

Sheera Bursch
Director of Marketing
Sheera is a Jersey girl that has lived in the Queen City for the better part of 15 years. She attended UNC-Charlotte for Biology and spent 13 years as a surgical veterinary technician before finding herself in the construction industry. After spending some time as a commercial & residential project manager, she decided to pursue other endeavors that would speak to her entrepreneurial spirit. Sheera has a passion for creativity and a knack for writing; her hobbies have always included website building, writing, and photography/editing. An animal lover at heart, she still works as an ER/ICU veterinary technician several times a month, and has a hound dog named DeAngelo. In her spare time, Sheera enjoys playing electric guitar, curating her personal blog, cooking, and hitting the gym.


Bharath Sithian
Director of Sales
A native of New York City, Bharath attended the University of Chicago, where he graduated with a bachelors degree in economics and was a 4 year varsity letterman and 2 year captain of the Men’s tennis team.  After college, Bharath worked as a bond and derivatives trader at JP Morgan for 6 years. Suite Plants is his second entrepreneurial venture. In his spare time, Bharath enjoys  teaching tennis, running, and volunteering. He is fluent in Spanish and is clearly proud of his accent.

Bharath is a registered Continuing Education Trainer with Green Plants for Green Buildings and is available to teach the AIA, ASLA, LEED, ASID & IDCEC accredited Advanced Living Walls with Case Studies course.

Sherdena Bio Pic.png

Sherdena Johnson
Architectural Draftsman & Project Manager
Sherdena is a born and raised Carolina girl who exemplifies the trademark Southern Hospitality by her willingness to help others. She is “Aggie born, Aggie bred,” and therefore earned her bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. She has worked in multiple fields, including sustainable energy, renovation, mechanical & floor plan layout drafting, as well as being an excellent sales associate at a women’s clothing store. Sherdena has always loved learning how and why things work, and especially enjoys solving puzzles. As a hobby she enjoys using her creativity to making popular “diaper cakes” and party décor with her sister. She loves dogs and her family means a lot to her.


Tyson Taylor
Operations Manager
Tyson manages our production team and warehouse operations. He brings several years of construction and warehouse management experience to the Suite Plants team. Tyson started his first business when he was big enough to pull start the lawn mower and push it. He went to school to be an auto mechanic, and after one year at the dealership a slight accident had him rethinking his career choice. After trying several different types of work, he started in construction and found his love of building things.  After a few years of working with other carpenters, Tyson started his own handyman service.  After almost twenty years he decided to sell the company for a change of pace and went to work as a warehouse manager.  In Tyson’s spare time he enjoys riding his motorcycle and helping neighbors and friends. 

Ken Recine 2018.jpg

Ken Recine
Installation Manager
Ken is the resident hands-on expert of the Suite Plants Team. He spent the first part of his career as a licensed plumber and general contractor in New York. Ken eventually left New York seeking better weather and landed in South Carolina where he set up shop as a home builder. After 30 years of owning and operating a construction business, Ken decided it was time for a career change and traded in his tool belt for a captain's hat. He is a USCG-licensed charter captain and, when he's not helping us install a green wall, he can be found behind the wheel of some impressively large vessels. Ken is happy to help manage our green wall installations and we are lucky to have his construction and plumbing expertise in-house.